Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has, since its inception, laid a major thrust on sports and physical activities. It has always maintained that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Drills and exercises are a part of regular morning routine and the students are motivated to actively pursue any one sport of their choice.

It has facilities for Judo, Basketball, volleyball, Handball and many more sports. The school has a well equipped set up for Table Tennis and regularly trains young TT player who stamp their Presence in major TT events all across the states and at national levels.

The Judo faculty is a well trained one and the judo room is complete with mats and other judo requirements.

The school hosts the Zonals for the judo event annually which witnesses the confluence of all the schools of the zone for the judo championship.

It is also a major participant in the CBSE sports events where the Aadharshilians have set record of achievement.

Aadharshila also boasts of a well equipped sports room with weights and other sports equipments.

It also has champions at state and national level for skating.
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