Aims & Objectives
Aadharshila : Looking Beyond Competition

True education allows a child to find his/her own pace of learning. The curriculum at Aadharshila fully conforms to the best of school and prepares students to face any competition in life. But where Aadharshila has an edge is, in looking beyond all this!

Aadharshila: Lending a New Foundation to Education:

Times are changing. And so has education. Play-way methods, co-curricular activities, Audio-visual aids have added a new dimension to the conventional education practices. The process is already well-developed and is showing significant all round advantage. Aadharshila has formulated a dynamic new approach to education, an approach that proposes to produce an individual, competent to succeed in the competitive world and complete to deal with human situations and lead to the full. To attain these objectives each and every facet of education has been focused upon. Modifications and changes have been made on existing patterns, wherever desired. Our mainstay is to encourage critical thinking and change the student from knowledge gatherer to a thinker.
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