Beyond Academics
Co – curricular Activities:

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth boasts of a panorama of co – curricular activities undertaken in the school session to surface the talents and potential of the learners. These co - scholastic activities aim at instilling confidence and self – belief in our learners.

The co – curricular activities range from literary activities to sports endeavours and to Inter House Competitions perused with diligence and a competitive spirit.

The school celebrates various days viz. Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Earth day, Janamasthmi, Rakshabandhan and so on, to bring the students closer to the traditions.

Various performing arts are perused in the school and Inter House Competitions in dance and singing, dramatics and music are held in the school.

The school celebrates various weeks viz Science Week, Math Week, Social Science Week, English Week, Hindi Week and so on, where week – long activities and competitions are planned for various wings to provide learning beyond the classroom.

These activities are then complimented with merit certificates awarded to the outstanding students.

Aadharshila : Nature as 'Guru'

The great outdoor, not only holds special fascination for the children, but also acts as a teacher. In fact the 'Gurukuls' of yore were essentially outdoor teaching experiences, bringing children closer to nature.Thus, at Aadarshila, special emphasis is laid on sports, visits to the zoo, excursions and other outdoor activities.

Nourishing the Roots for a Positive Personality

If the basic purpose of education is to groom the children towards attaining an identity of their own, a proper emphasis on social and moral norms and values becomes imperative. .
Physical Dimensions

Our school program offers school level games and sports with the aim to help our students grow physically and inculcate :

• Leadership qualities
• Spirit of perseverance
• Team Spirit
• Learning to win and lose gracefully.
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