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Science Week-2017

AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampuracelebrated the Science and Van Mahotsav week from 17-22 July 2017 Special Assemblies on ‘Mangalyan’ ,Solar Energy and Green Revolution (VI-XII), Conservation of Wildlife and Solar Energy (III-V) were held during this week.

Inter House EVS Quiz(III-V) was held on 18 July 2017,Inter House Toy Making (VI-VIII)  and Inter House Science Quiz (IX-X) were held on 19 July 2017.

Van Mahotsav Rally and Plantation Drive were carried out on 20 July 2017. The Science Exhibition ‘We Gyaan 2017’ was held in the school Auditorium on 21-22 July 2017. Around 100 models were on display backed by confident explanations by the students. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. AparnaBhatnagar (Asstt. Prof. Deshbandhu College) who praised the efforts of the students. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Go Smart with Nature’. The deserving students were awarded. 


AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampura organized a number of picnics and excursions for its students to enjoy . The students of Pre-School, Pre Primary and class I went to Delhi Zoological Park on 08 July 2017. They enjoyed watching and learning about various animals, their habits, their food & so on through their accompanying teachers.

The students of classes VI-VIII were taken to LalQuila, IX-X to Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa Road and XI-XII to Akshardham Temple on 15 July 2017. The students enjoyed their picnics which was an immensely learning experience for them as well as a happy day spent with friends.

Monsoon Carnival

AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampura organized a Monsoon Carnival ‘Rainbow Shine-2017’ on 15 July 2017, for the students of classes Pre-school to V. The students reported to school enthusiastically and enjoyed the aerobics session in the school assembly area. This was followed by delicious breakfast. The students then enjoyed a number of adventure activities and swings viz. Rock Climbing, Burma Bridge, Columbus rides, Commando net, Zorbing, Trampoline and so on. Then the students participated in the ‘rain dance’ where they got drenched and danced to foot-tapping music. After changing, lunch was served which the students relished.

The children went home with the memories of a priceless day enjoyed with friends.

Investiture Ceremony

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, constituatedits Students’ Council and held the Investiture Ceremony on 14 July 2017. The ceremony was held in the morning with the pinning of badges to the council members and the oath-taking ceremony by the School Principal. The Headboy, Vedant Amit Bajaj(XII A) and the Headgirl,ParidhiThukral(XII A) delivered short speeches. The School Principal, in his speech, urged all the members of the Students’ Council to work towards upholding the values of AadharshilaVidyapeeth at all times. The Ceremony concluded with the rendition of the National Anthem by all.

Hawan Ceremonies

AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampura organized the Hawan Ceremonies post summer-break as part of its tradition to invoke the blessings of the Almighty. These ceremonies were held on 30 June 2017 and 1 July 2017 for the students. The chanting of the mantras followed by ‘aahuti’s’ filled the atmosphere, with piety and peace. The ‘aarti’ was sung with a lot of spirit by all. Each member of the school was blessed with ‘prasad’.

These ceremonies aim to connect our younger generation with our culture and traditions.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura organized a workshop for teachers on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Introspection’. The resource person Mr. Rakesh Datta (Behavioural Trainer) emphasized the fact that we make our own minds work against ourselves when we do not introspect and work upon improving our subconscious mind. He stressed upon the need for gaining Emotional Intelligence by making an effort because we are never taught EI thought are academic life. It was an interactive session which resulted in deep insights and observations which the attendees gained about themselves.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura held an orientation Programme for parents of students in classes IX-X on the Revised Assessment Pattern for these classes. Parents were acquainted in-depth about the changes brought about by CBSE in the Assessment Pattern and how the student would be prepared throughout the academic session to appear for Board Exams for class X. The parents were also familiarized with the changed assessment pattern of scholastic and co-scholastic areas and Grade Point System. The queries of the parents were also handled well and the session proved to be a highly interactive one.


AadharshilaVidyapeeth ,Pitampura organized the Social Science week -2017 between 8-13 May 2017 for the students of III-X.

The week commenced with a special as on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ held on )8 may 2017 for VI – VII students was held on 09 May 2017 on the Topic Demonetization: A boon for the Country’. Inter House Quiz Competition for IX-X students was held on 11 May 2017, with many rounds of questions and an audio-visual round as well. Aspecial assembly on ‘Conservation of Monuments’ was also held on 11 May 2017 for III-V students anon 12 May 2017 for VI-XII on Disaster Prevention.

The week culminated in the Social  Science Exhibition:- Socio-Vistas 2017 on 12  and 13 May 2017. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Looking back in Honour’ and various models on ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Mars Orbit’ and ‘Olympic Games’, to name a few, were on display. Their themes were confidently explained by the students. The visitors appreciated the efforts of students and teachers.


AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampura conducted various special assemblies in the month of May 2017 with the purpose of celebrating special days and enlightening the students about their importance. A special assembly ‘Hello Earth’ was organized on 03 May 2017 for VI-XII. Students which aimed at informing the students about appropriate garbage disposal. A special assembly on Red Cross Day for III-V when held on 09 May 2017 which underlined the need for charitable actions in our lives.

Many special assemblies on topics related to Social Sciences were held in the Social Science week BETWEEN 08-13 May 2017.

Kudos- Class X (2016-17)

The class X (2016-17) students of AadharshilaVidyapeeth, Pitampura once again showed a commendable result with 05 students showing 10 CGPA. The highlight of the result remained around 13% students showing 10 GP in English, 08% in Hindi, 07% in Math and 08% students showing 10 GP in Science and Social Science each. The students made their school proud by delivering an applaudable result in all the subject.

Bravo ! Class XII (2016-2017)

The students of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura recorded a thumping Boards Result (2016-2017) with the highest aggregate score in Commerce being 96% (Harshita Kanodia) and in Science being 95.8% (Snehil Aggarwal). The School recorded a 100% result with 41% of Commerce and 56% of Science students scoring above 90% aggregate.

The highest score subject wise remained as : English 96%, Economics 98%, Business Studies 98%, Accountancy 95%, Mathematics 97%, Physics 95%, Chemistry 99%, Biology 91% and Informatics Practices 99%.

The result was a reward for the teachers’ efforts towards shaping their children into achievers. Most students felt deeply thankful towards their teachers and attributed their success to the constant support and motivation that they received from their alma mater.

Kho-Kho Tournament -2017

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura hosted the Aadharshila Interschool  Kho-Kho Tournament 2017 in School on 02 and 03 May 2017.The participation of a number of Schools was in Sub-Junior and Junior categories for Boys and Girls.The event saw some very enthusiastic participation of hundreds of students and some very fierce competition for the Gold.The sub-junior boys team of the host school bagged the second position.The visiting schools appreciated the School’s efforts towards promotion of Kho Kho.

Workshop on Life Skills

 Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura organized a Life Skills Workshop for the students of classes V to IX on 29 April 2017.The resource persons conducted the workshop through various anecdotes and focused upon ‘Thinking Skills’ and other aspects of Life Skills.The students also learnt about the various yogic asanas.The workshop was an interactive one and the students participated enthusiastically. The students also watched a movie titled ‘The Triumph’ in which the teacher harbours a continued hope in her students and never gives up on them.The workshop was well conducted and gainful.

Aadharshila Interschool Volleyball Tournament

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura hosted the Aadharshila Interschool Volleyball Tournament-2017 on 28 and 29 April 2017.This event is an annual sports event of the school which is looked forward to with spirit and enthusiasm.The tournament was held in the categories of sub-junior and junior for both Boys and Girls.The students of a number of schools participated with zest and their competitive spirit was applaudible.The teams of the host school won II and III positions in the sub-junior-Girls and junior-Girls  categories and II position in sub-junior Boys category.It is an event looked forward to every year.

Judo Tournament-2017

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura hosted the Aadharshila Interschool Judo Tournament-2017 on 05 and 06 May 2017 for Girls and Boys respectively.The tournament saw a large participation of Judokas from all over Delhi schools.The age categories were U-8,U-10,U-12,U-14 and U-17 with weight categories.The event saw competitive participation from all the judokas who won gold,silver and bronze medals in their categories.The students of Aadharshila won a number of medals in each of the age categories under various weights.This tournament is looked forward to eagerly every year.

Workshop on Career Counselling

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura organized a workshop on Career Counselling for students of classes XI-XII on 04 May 2017.The resource person commenced the workshop uniquely with the question ‘Is your mind pulling you back?’ He went on to elaborate upon the ‘conscious/subconscious minds’ and individual differences.He also highlighted the need for introspection upon one’s strengths and weaknesses before choosing a career path.He conducted the workshop  through engaging anecdotes and observations.It was an interactive session with students airing their queries and seeking answers.

Camp Aad-Vantage

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura organized a day camp ‘Camp Aad-Vantage’ for the students of classes Pre-School to V on Friday,21 April 2017 in the School premises.The School was beautifully decorated with balloons and hangings.The children entered School greeted with tilak.The children then enjoyed breakfast and then moved for various camp-activities.There were swings and rides viz. columbus and aeroplane,adventure activities viz. rock-climbing,bull ride and bungee-jumping.The children also enjoyed ‘splash-time’ in the pool.Then there was a nice magic show that was fun.The sumptuous meal was shared by all and relished.The children departed with smiles;longing for more time at the camp.

Special Assemblies in April 2017

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura held a number of Special Assemblies in the month of April 2017 for the students of all classes. Special Assemblies on World Health Day were organized on 06 and 07 April 2017 for the students of III-V and VI-XII respectively. A poem ‘Health is Wealth’ and enlightening speeches were the highlights of these assemblies.

Hawan ceremonies were held during morning assembly time on 11,12 and 13 April 2017 respectively for the students of all the wings of the School and ‘prasad’ was distributed to all present in School.

Special Assemblies on World Heritage Day were held on 17(VI-XII) and 18(III-V) April 2017.The presentation depicting the monuments-Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House was very impressive.

Special Assemblies to mark the Earth Day were organized on 20 and 21 April 2017.’Earth Day Song’ presentation and speech on ‘Depression-Let’s Talk’ were the highlights of these assemblies.

Special Assembly to observe ‘World Malaria Day’ was held on 25 April 2017 in which the preventive measures to be taken against Malaria were highlighted. These assemblies, which are a regular feature of the School day, aim at bringing awareness to the students.

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