Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura organized Art Exhibition-‘Expressions 2014-15’ on 18-19 March 2015. There was a beautiful display of students’ talent and creativity that was shaped throughout the academic year. On display were portraits, oil and water colour paintings, clay models, origami works, fabric-painting creations. The most appreciated section of the exhibition was the ‘Best-out-of-Waste’ section where the students utilized myriad materials to create arresting art-works. Parents and all the visitors appreciated the efforts and talent of Aadharshilians whole heartedly.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura, conducted the Award- Felicitation Ceremony 2014-15 for the outstanding Aadharshilians of classes III- V and VI-X on 19 and 20 Feb.2015 respectively. The deserving were awarded under the categories of Best writer, Best Orator- English and Hindi; Best Actor, Dancer, Quizzer, Singer, Techno-Savvy along with other categories viz. best Judowhiz, Yoga maven, Table Tennis, Volleyball Virtuoso.

The Best students from each house were also awarded. The coveted achievement of ‘Best student of the Year’ was awarded to students in categories of classes III, IV, V, VI to VIII and IX – X. The rolling trophy for ‘Best House for the session 2014-15 was taken by ‘Tapasya House’.

The ceremony is an eagerly awaited event in the School academic calendar and the cheering received by the acknowledged students from the audience was a validation of this.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura celebrated Hindi week between 02 and 06 February 2015 during which students participated in various activities aimed at making them realize the strength of Hindi as the official language of the country.

Special assemblies were conducted emphasizing the reverence towards mother tongue and the importance of speaking pure language. Class activities like dictations, calligraphy and story-telling were conducted. One-minute competition and Inter House short skit competition saw enthusiastic participation of students.

The most memorable aspect of this week was the effort of the students to spread the message of taking pride in their mother tongue.


With the onset of pleasant weather, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura organized a series of adventure and pleasure trips for the students of classes Pre-Primary to X to various venues between 05-12 Feb. 2015. Students of classes Pre-Primary to V were taken Delhi Eco Village and Adventure (DEVA), Alipur while students of VI-X were taken to World of Wonders, NOIDA.

At DEVA the students enjoyed various adventure activities viz. zip-line, commando net, camel and tractor rides, trampoline along with a magic show and DJ dance time.

At WOW the various activities in which the students participated were Shanghai Swinger, Twister and Rocking Joker rides. Boating was also enjoyed by the students.

It was a day filled with fun and bonding with the classmates over rides and meals.

Fare Thee Well-Class XII(2014-2105)

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth wished its outgoing batch of class XII(2014-15) a warm adieu on Saturday,24 January 2015. The class XII students were dressed up in their formal best with boys looking dapper and girls radiant.

The hosts- class XI students,has organized a beautiful cultural show for their seniors.The cultural show had energetic dances,quawwali and one-min-games along with ramp walk.

The titles and momentos were given to the departing students as a token of fond remembrance of their alma mater. ‘Mr. and Miss Aadharshila’ and the coveted honor of ‘Aadharshilian Gem’ were given to deserving students. The school Principal wished the outgoing students success in all their efforts and to leave a mark wherever they go. It was a very touching moment for many of the twelfthies when the Head Boy recounted his school journey in the form of a self-composed poem.

The cultural show was followed by lunch for the staff and the students. The students of class XII were a bunch of mixed emotions- laughing and crying – trying to capture these few final moments of their school life.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura organized a two day Interschool Fest – MELANGE -2014 on 19 and 20 December 2014 which saw a warm participation of a large number of schools. Competitions , spread in these two days saw contestants participate in Western Dance , Debate , Poetry Recitation ,Poem Recitation ,Flash and  Photoshop ,Group Singing  and Art Competitions . Nukkad Natak event saw some very thought provoking presentations on the topic  “ Patan hote humaare naitik moolya” . The Math and Science Quiz competitions had  some very charged competition among the students . The outstanding were awarded with prizes. This Annual event is a much sought after Interschool Fest in the session calendar of many schools.

Sporty & Literary Pursuits

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated Sports  Week between 17 to 22 November 2014 and English Literary Week between 24 to  29 November 2014 . The Sports  Week was full of healthy competitive spirit on the part of all participants  right from  classes III to X . Special Assemblies were held highlighting the importance  of physical fitness and sportsmanship. There were various kinds of individual races and also interhouse team competitions throughout the week which concluded with a thrilling interhouse Volleyball match among the two teams of students from VI to X .

The English Literary Week emphasized the importance of the role of communication , language skills and the art of public speaking . English Quizes for VI-XI , spell Bee , poem recitation and calligraphy competitions were some of the events  held  during   the week . Both the weeks afforded the students opportunities to go beyond the books and explore their skills.

Cherishing Children

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated ‘Children’s Day’ in the school premise on 13 and 14 November 2014 with smiles and care. The teachers presented a special assembly for the students of classes II-V on 13 November 2014 . Speech on Chacha Nehru and poems were the special features of this assembly.

Another Special Assembly for the students of VI-XII was presented on 14 November 2014 . The teachers addressed the students and also presented a medley of songs. Teachers also participated in sports activities and competed in various races viz. Blind Fold Race , Lemon and Spoon , Flat Race . Throwball and Tug of War saw some tough competition among teachers.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura organized its Annual Show – ‘Jharokha-2014’ in the School Auditorium on Saturday, November 08, 2014. It was a presentation by the students of Classes VI – XII. The colourful display of music, dance, drama and patriotism enchanted one and all. Some of the presentations that glittered on the stage were – Shakti Saadhna, Panchtatva, Bemisaal Bengal, Nrityanjali, Rhythmic Rajasthan and Shaan-E-Punjab. The play “Maharana Pratap Ki Veer Gatha” and ballad “Nari Ko Adhikar Do” tugged at everbody’s heart strings. The Chief Guests of the show Mr. Shankar Sahney, the Punjabi Singer and Mr. Laxmishankar Bajpai, eminent poet and author applauded the immense talents that the students have and the efforts of the School towards nurturing them.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura celebrated the talents of the young students by organizing the Annual Show – Navrang-2014 in the School Auditorium on Friday, November 07, 2014. It was a presentation by the students of Classes III – V. The Chief Guests of the show were renowned Kathak exponents Nalini Ji and Kamalini Ji. The programme had tales of Chatur Birbal, Hansel and Gratel and also an inspiring presentation “Live Your Dreams”. The high energy dances – aerobics “Fitness Mantra” and “Festronix” were widely applauded by the guests and parents. The Chief Guests appreciated the efforts of the young Aadharshilians and commended the School for carrying out the good work of preserving our heritage and culture.


The students of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated the festival of light – Diwali in school with zeal and spirit . Inter House Rangoli   Competitions for classes III-V , VI-XI   were held in which  students showcased their creative spark . The various media used were sand colours , flowers and saw-dust .The eye –catching motifs were appreciated by one and all . The enactment of Ramayana with ‘dohe-chaupai’ was done by II-V students . A ‘Puja’ was done in the morning assembly with all the students of classes II-XII on 22Oct. 2014 and ‘Prasaad’ was received by all the students and Staff. The School was decorated with candles and wax-diyas by the students . Sensitizing Aadharshilians towards our heritage and culture is the philosophy behind celebrating all the festivals in school and it makes all efforts towards raising secular and tolerant citizens.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura  organized the Annual Show- Pratibimb on Friday , October 17,2014 . The show was presented by the students of Classes I and II. The chief Guest for the show was Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan ji , Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural  Gas. The show was also attended by Shri.Vijay Goel ji. The divine blessings were invoked by the little ones through the item ‘Mangal Aahwaan’. Some other highlights of the show were ‘Glimpses of India ‘, Safar - Journey of a woman, play – Voice of Wisdom.

Shri Dharmendra  Pradhan Ji was deeply touched by the  presentation ‘ Lumiere – A ray of hope ‘ that spread the message of eradicating Child labour and ‘Sarhad –Ke-Rakshak ‘ that  was a tribute to the unflinching efforts of our soldiers at the borders . He stated that the glittering performances of these young Aadharshilians reflected their self-confidence and resilience. He praised the school and staff for their unwavering commitment towards the cause of raising worthy citizens. He said that he felt rejuvenated after attending the show and was touched by the energy and enthusiasm of the students.

Shri. Vijay Goel ji expressed his satisfaction that the young Aadharshilians are way up and are socially aware. He praised the school for its social commitments and invited the parents to contribute old toys of their wards towards the “Toy Bank “ that the school  runs .He said that each child should aspire  to emulate our Hon’able Prime Minister Mr. Modi.

The programme left many a parents deeply moved and the parent community thanked the school for grooming their wards so well.

It was a memorable evening, enjoyed by all.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated the Annual Show- ANUGOONJ -2014 on Thursday, 16 October 2014. The event was presented by the tiny – tots of Classes Pre-Primary and I in the school Auditorium. The students, resplendent in their costumes, swathed in confidence danced, enacted and set the stage on fire. Shri Piyush Goyal Ji , Minister of State for Power , Coal and New & Renewable Energy was the Chief Guest of the show. He appreciated the Annual Show that was replete with items Ganapati Stuti , Cinderella , Shake with Aliens , Ghatotkach , Folk dances  and a patriotic presentation “Colourful spirit of India” revering the sacrifices our military- men make.

Piyush Goyal Ji was touched by the innocent performance and the thoughtful themes chosen. He appreciated the efforts of the school, the teachers and the students alike in bringing life to the event. He said that he saw a lot of promise in the young Aadharshilians of becoming model citizens of India. He praised the school’s efforts towards the cause of nation building.

The famous Kuchchipudi exponent Shri Raja Reddy ji also graced the occasion. He acknowledged the poise and grace of these young students on the stage and found the item “Cultural canvas” particularly enchanting. He stated that the choreography of each of the items reflected the efforts put in by the teachers towards grooming the tiny-tots.

The parents also showered their heartfelt praise on the teachers and their young ones .It was a beautiful evening, enjoyed by all.


The students of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth displayed their reverance towards their teachers by presenting a colourful programme on 04 September 2014 . All the teachers were presented  with a beautiful  hand-made goodie – bag as they entered the school  gate  in the morning .The students then presented a cultural show  replete with dances , enactments  and poems and games for their beloved teachers . The students of classes IX to  XII had coordinated and put –up the entire event.

The school students then made their attendance in large numbers on 05 September, 2014 to view Honourable Prime Minister’s message on the ocassion of Teachers’ Day.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth celebrated Sanskrit Week  between 07 and 13 August 2014. Lots of activities  were conducted in the school on this occasion including ‘Mangalaacharan’, ‘Sanskrit Story Narration’, and Poem Recitation .Interhouse Sanskrit Essay Writing Competition was held for students of IX and X . A Sanskrit Skit  on Maharana Pratap was staged in the Morning Assembly on  12.8.14 . Students of Classes VI-VIII competed in Interhouse Sanskrit Poem Recitation  Competition which saw some highly praiseworthy performances. In all the Sanskrit Week was an opportunity for the students to explore  the Sanskrit language deeper.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,pitampura celebrated the 68th Independence Day with fervor and ‘josh’ on 13th and 14th of August 2014.The students of classes VI to XII presented an enthralling show after the flag hoisting and March past  while the students of Classes II – V participated in the Independence Day Ceremony dressed in tricolor and carrying the flags . Tricolor balloons were released and students sang patriotic songs. The School also  celebrated Janamashtami Utsav on 14 and 16 August 2014. The tiny – tots of Pre-Primary and Class I were resplendent in their ‘Kanhaa’ and ‘Radha’ costumes. There were poems recited, skits from ‘Krishna Leela’  enacted and a special ‘Jhanki’ put up along with dance presentations on this occasion . The students of Classes II-V won the hearts of everyone present with their innocent performances.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated its Math Week from 19 to 23 August 2014 . The week comprised of  activities and competitions organized for students to encourage them to sharpen their skills in this purest of all subjects. Mathematical  Aptitude Test (MAT) was held for students of VI – X  on 19.8.14 . A small skit was presented in the Special Assembly on the theme ‘Application Of Maths In Real Life’. Activities with 3 D geometrical shapes ,InterHouse Math Modelling and  InterHouse  Geomterical  Paper – Flower making competitions were executed well . ‘Math Expo- 2014 ‘  , the Math Exhibition was inaugurated on 22.8.2014 and was thrown open for parents on Saturday 23.8.2014 . Parents wholeheartedly praised the skills and concept clarity of the students who displayed their models with confidence and zeal .Most students  found the Math Week  an enriching school endeavour.

Igniting Social Sensitivity and Commitment

The  Students Of Classes  IX and X  of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth  , Pitampura went on Friday 08 August 2014 for a  visit to the Old Age Home ‘Gurukul ‘ , Mahipalpur to spend some enriching time with the elders there . Students organized a cultural programme for the inmates there which included a Nukkad Natak and songs. They also distributed Best Wishes cards  to the elderly .The  students were blessed wholeheartedly by the old people  for spending the day with them and  making a difference in their lives.

Students of classes  XI and XII went to Jurassic Park ,Murthal on Saturday 09 August 2014. This trip proved to be a much needed break for these young aspirants who are into gruelling schedules of  School ,coachings and preparations for entrance exams.The students enjoyed  the rides and water  rides  to their hearts’  fill along with snacks and lunch . They return with a lot of cherishable memories and  a pledge to get to the grind once more after this fun filled monsoon break.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura organised  a number of trips for the students of Classes Pre Primary to V to various venues to provide students learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Students of Classes PP , I and II visited ‘Dilli Haat ‘ , Pitampura on 28, 30 and 31 July  2014 respectively. and got acquainted with cultural diversities of India . They enjoyed Magic Show , Puppet Show and Kachchi Ghodi dance . The students of Class III were taken to National Science Centre , while Students of Classes IV and V went to Nehru Planetarium and Nehru Museum . These venues offered a practical learning opportunity  to students and at the same time piqued their sense of wonder . The excited chatter of the students was a  testimony to the fact that these trips were a worthwhile exercise.

WE- GYAAN -2014

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura celebrated the Science and Van Mahotsav Week between 21-26 July 2014 that culminated in the Science Exhibition –

“ We-Gyaan -2014” . The week began with a Special Assembly on Food Adulteration . Inter House Symposium (IX – X) , EVS Quiz (III – V) , Inter House Circuit Making (VI-VIII) were some of the competitions held during the week. Students were sensitized  towards the needs of Mother Earth through Special Assemblies on Water Conservation , Sustainable Development and Values through Science. A Plantation campaign and Student’s Rally were the  highlights of 24 July 2014 wherein the students planted saplings in the school premise and went for a rally outside school to sensitize people about the importance of their contribution towards saving the Environment .

Science Exhibition “We-Gyaan 2014” was inaugurated on Friday 25 July 2014  and was thrown open for parents on  Saturday 26 July 2014 . The insights of the participating students and their confident answers to the parents’ questions were heartwarming for all the teachers who had worked towards preparing them . Parents were delighted to see the exhibits and their encouraging feedback is a reward in itself for the young Aadharshilians  .The outstanding models were acknowledged with certificates and trophies.


To welcome the long awaited Monsoons , the students of classes PP , I and II of AadharshilaVidyapeeth enjoyed the ‘Monsoon Carnival’  within the School premise on Saturday 19 July 2014. Happy faces reported to School at 8:00 am welcomed by Mickey and Donald Duck . Warming – up session of Aerobics was followed by a hearty breakfast enjoyed by the students.. The students then enjoyed various activities viz- caterpillar ride , musical chair , jumping castle and hoopla game . The highlight of the day was ‘Rain Dance’ . Drenched tiny-tots had a gala time , dancing to foot-tapping music . Students also enjoyed Magic-Tricks show and a movie show on this fun-packed day . They were also served lunch and desert . Students were dispersed loaded with gifts and memories .


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura constituted the Students’  Council and invested the charge on it on 18 July 2014 in a beautiful ceremony presided over by the School Principal. The ceremony commenced with a prayer and ‘Vandana’  song . The council members were called upon the stage amidst huge cheering by the assembled students of the School and each was conferred with the position, sash and badge.The student body then took the ‘Oath’ and pledged to uphold the honour of the School and be an example for others to emulate. The Head boy – Samyak Jain(XII ) and Head girl- Somya Gupta (XII ) spoke a few words to the fellow Aadharshilians thanking the School for having invested trust in their capabilities . The ceremony ended with a motivating song ‘Manushya tu badaa mahaan hai , bhool mat …’ followed by National Anthem.

Making the Right Choices after Class X

A Career counselling workshop for class X students and their Parents was organized by Aadharshila Vidyapeeth on Saturday 12.7.2014 in the School auditorium with an aim to guide and prepare them for career choices available for various ‘streams’ that the students have to opt for after class X.

Parents and students remain unaware of the targets , interest, aptitude and also reasons for choosing a stream in class XI , which results in poor performance and frustration at Senior Secondary level.

The resource person Mr. Ajit Banerjee guided the students and parents alike to consider the factors of personal interest and aptitude, personality type and academic result, in choosing a stream. Peer group preference and parental pressure are poor reasons for going for a stream in class XI .The parents thanked the School abundantly for this valuable workshop which was an eyeopener of sorts for many.


Earth Day was celebrated in Aadharshila Vidyapeeth on 21 and 22 April 2014. Special assemblies were organized on both the days for students of VI-XII and II - V respectively. Student talks on Natural resources, conservation of energy and reforestation were the main highlights of these assemblies. There was a small skit to highlight the importance of nature in our lives, presented by students of classes III-V. A slogan writing competition was also carried out in junior classes to sensitize the students towards the need for taking care of Mother Earth.


To sensitise the students about the importance of healthy food and its benefits, a Special Assembly was organized on 3.4.14 by the students of classes II-V of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth. In order to highlight the health benefits, students recited poems, dramatized themselves as vegetables and elaborated about their nutritious value. Students were also informed to save themselves from diseases. Children very well understood the meaning of, “Healthy mind dwells in healthy body”.


A Special Assembly was conducted by the school on 17 April 2014 to celebrate World Heritage Day. The students of classes III-V made an overwhelming effort to create awareness about protection, preservation and propagation of a nation’s heritage. The blooming students enacted marvelously in the skit and recited mellifluous poems to highlight the idea of protection of heritage of nation. The children very convincingly brought forth the message that it’s our past that makes the future and one should preserve the heritage of one’s nation.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organized a workshop for teachers on Saturday 29 June 2014. The workshop aimed at creating ‘Self- awareness’ in an individual. The resource person Ms. Jayashree initiated the session with an icebreak and then went on taking personal experiences and inputs from the audience teachers. These personal inputs helped the teachers to open up about their beliefs and ideologies. Ms. Jayashree concluded the session with a story on lateral thinking. The workshop was made interesting by memorable anecdotes and stories. It was a workshop, urging all to take an inward journey towards ones’ self.


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organized trips for the students to beat the Delhi heat . The first trip was for the students of classes V-X to Dharamshala,Palampur and Mcleodganj between 2nd to 6th June 2014. The students visited Anandpur Sahib . At Mcleodganj the sites visited were Dalai Lama temple ,Bhagsunath temple and a beautiful waterfall. On their way back , the students visited Shahidi Park and Tea Plantations at Palampur. The Second trip was arranged for the students of classes II – IV to Jaipur on 7th and 8th June 2014. Amber Fort , Hawa Mahal, Chowkhi Dhani and Albert hall were visited by the students.

A large number of students participated in these trips and collected memories to cherish with their classmates.


Thursday , 29 May 2014 brought a class XII Boards result of Aadharshilians which justified the hope of the teachers and expectations of the parents. A delightful 100 % result was an amalgamation  of an aggregate (all five subjects)  90% and above scored by 48% students in Science stream and 40% students in Commerce stream.

The percentage of students scoring 90 marks and above in individuals subjects are : English 70% , Maths 51% , Physics 19% , Chemistry 30%, Business Studies  62% , Accounts 48%, Economics 46% and  Informatics Practices  44 % .

A perfect 100 score in Business Studies  was recorded by Nishtha Demblani , in Chemistry by Pratiksha Agarwal and in Maths by Vasu Jain ,Neha Goel and Sumedha Gupta. The School topper of Science stream is Pratiksha Agarwal with 95.8% overall and of Commerce Stream is Sumedha Gupta with 97.0% overall .

The alma mater congratulates all Aadharshilians and wishes them all the success in future endeavours.

The assiduous Aadharshilians are all armed and geared to start de novo  in college.

The fruits of toil and labour and indeed sweet !



The students of class X (2013-14) of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura registered a thumping success at the final examination. The 100% class X result is a chronicle of diligence of the students and faculty alike . This result includes 11% students who have scored a perfect 10CGPA and 40% students with  09 CGPA . The subject wise  percentage of students scoring 10 GP is – English 20 %, Science 30 % , Maths  26 % ,

Social Science 20.5 %and Hindi 14 %. The jubiliant  Aadharshilians thanked their  teachers  profusely for guiding and supporting them at every step . Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has added yet another feather to its already  illustrious cap  !  Congratulations to the proud parents on  their ward’s achievement .


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth , Pitampura organized Day Camps for the students to have fun and at the same time learn in an unconventional manner.

A mesmerizing and fun filled Day Camp was organized for classes I and II on Saturday, 26 April 2014. The school looked colourful with red and white balloons. Students participated massively in the event and enjoyed to their heart s content. The tiny tots had great time with Chota Bheem, Caterpillar Ride, Jumping Castle, Splash Pool and many other interesting activities.

The students of classes III-V experienced the joys of out of classroom learning in the form of   Day Camp  organized in the school premises on Saturday, 03 May 2014. The students were welcomed by Winnie- the Pooh and Doraemon. The various activitites that the students enjoyed were Kachchi Ghori Dance, Bouncy, Ball Pool, Kathputli Show and Dance- Masti. The students also attended Paper-Craft and Doll-Making workshops .A movie show –Bhootnath Returns  was also arranged for them.They were encouraged with gifts and trophies for participating enthusiastically in the Camp.


In he series of Day Camps that the school provided for the Aadharshilians , the third exciting day camp was held on Saturday ,10 May 2014  for classes VI-X . Large number of students participated in various games games ,art and craft activities , talent shows and so on.Pebble Painting , Trendy belts making and Madhubani  Painting workshops were held for students .Adventure sports viz. river crossing , wall climbing , balancing rope , commando net and crawl and Burma Bridge saw excited participation from both boys and girls.Fashion show,Kite flying and Art competitions  and Talent Hunt Show displayed the competitive spirit of Aadharshilians . The winners were  felicitated with prizes . Participation certificates were given to all. Students were kept energized with timely breakfast, lunch and snacks along with cool , refreshing  lassi and sweet drinks and shakes on all the Day Camps


The Day Camps , an annual feature of the Aadharshilian academic calendar, are one of the most cherished activities for the students .

Social Science Week 2014

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, Pitampura observed Social Science Week -2014 between 5 May and 14 May 2014.

Special assemblies were held on Indian Constitution, Revolt  of 1857, Secularism and  Red Cross Day in this week to create  awareness among students.

‘Quiz Whiz’ for classes  VI-VIII was held on 06 May 2014.  Map activity, Poster- Making on “Corruption – A monster” and Street- Play competition on ‘Safeguarding Heritage’ were some of events of the week.  News clip  reading and pasting activity for class II was done along with discussion on news and importance of newspapers with the students.

Interhouse Stick Painting Competition for classes IX-X was held on 13.5.2014 which saw outstanding display of creativity from students with Upasana House bagging the First Position .

13 May 2014 saw the inauguration of Social Science Exhibition – 2014- ‘India a panorama  of diversities’ and viewing by students of all classes . The imagination and verve of students who prepared the displays was commendable . The exhibition was viewed by a large number of  parents on 14 May 2014. The feedback of the parents was a reward in itself for the young Aadharshilians.

The week was filled with a fervor and a sense of purpose for all the students who contributed and learned in diverse areas pertaining to social science.    


Apart from academic excellence, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth,Pitampura aims at fostering the sports education in its agile pupils. In order to support sports, Aadharshila organized various interschool tournaments for boys and girls in different categories. Many schools participated in the events making them fiercely competitive. The students of different age groups were seen vying neck to neck to win the accolades.

Aadharshila Interschool Volleyball Tournament -2014 was held on Sunday, 20 April 2014. The event witnessed a massive participation from different schools all over Delhi in the Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior (Boys and Girls) categories outshining each other. The Sub-Junior (Boys) team of Aadharshila bagged a Silver medal.

Aadharshila Interschool Yoga Tournament -2014 was held in the school premises on Sunday, 27 April 2014.  The students displayed their skills in the Yoga categories of various age groups- both for boys and for girls. Principal Sir felicitated the winners with trophies and medals. The participants from Aadharshila bagged a gold medal in girls’ category and eight other medals were awarded under different categories. The dignitaries present applauded the efforts of the coaches and PETs of the participating schools.

Aadharshila Inter-School Judo Tournament- 2014 was held on Tuesday, 29  April 2014 (Girls) and Wednesday, 30 April 2014  (Boys) in the school premises. The exuberant and agile students participated whole-heartedly in various weight categories. The host school’s efforts towards organizing the event were acknowledged by the dignitaries and all the participating schools.

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth remains committed to the cause of holistic development of the students, be it academics or sports.

Career Counselling Workshop

The students of classes XI &XII attended a Career Counselling Workshop on Mon, 05 May 2014, (provided by Times of India). The resource person Mr. Ajit Banerjee presented a well- researched and self- evaluative workshop and encouraged the students to air their queries. The points emphasized in the workshop were reasons for making a sound Career, areas to be considered while making Career choices and role of aptitude and interest in finding a right career.  Mr. Banerjee emphasized the need for proactive approach on the part of student in doing research for their careers.  An enlightening Workshop indeed.

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