School Planner
The school planner is the light house for the events and activities taken up in the school in the academic year.

It is designed to provide the students wholesome opportunities and avenues for showcasing their talents and competing in the school.
The School follows a well chalked out annual plan which is a schedule for the activities and events that shall be taking place throughout the academic session for the students.

The key events of the Annual Plan are:-

  • Annual Shows
  • Week long celebrations in Science,Social Science,Mathematics,English,Art & Craft and Sports.
  • Interhouse Competitions
  • Interschool Tournaments
  • Celebrations of various festivals and special days.
  • Special Assemblies on various occasions.
  • Hawans
  • Workshops
  • Examinations & Assessments

The Annual Planner is the leading light using which the Aadharshilians navigate the academic year in the optimally gainful manner.The Planner is the framework that allows the holistic development of the Aadharshilians encompassing activities and events incorporated with utmost care,keeping the desired goals & outcomes in mind.

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