Life Skill Workshops

Realizing the importance of Life skills in the holistic development of learners, the school makes consistent efforts to inculcate the  same amongst students. Workshops are integrated with regular teaching and learning to develop the pupil’s cognitive, social and emotional skills and bring them closer to the life skills and values defining the human civilization.

1Rejection—- Let’s Rise Moving From Misery To LearningUnique Psychological Services
2Nurturing Get X: Thinking And Response For Well BeingForum of Public school
3Orientation On Olabs …..Unaided Recognised Private School
4Public Health Response To Covid-19CBSE
5Workshop on POCSOAadharshila Vidyapeeth
6Garbage Maintenance   Aadharshila Vidyapeeth                                   
7Career CousellingAadharshila Vidyapeeth
8Capacity Building ProgrammeAadharshila Vidyapeeth
9Lifeskill WorkshopAadharahila Vidyapeeth