Sports Corner

Games are an indispensable part of all teaching curriculum as they prepare the child physically, mentally and morally to cope with the challenges that they face in various spheres of life. Dedication, a sense of planning, quick decision making power, team work, leadership, co-ordination in work, the will to succeed and many other qualities are some of the gifts gained through constant participation in games.


We, at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, organise Annual Sport Meet every year. The whole programme is decorated with Flags. The Sports Day commences with the inaugural speech by the Principal followed by lighting of a Mashaal and March Past. The sporty spirit of the students is showcased in their 100% whole hearted participation in various races like Sack Race, Flat Race, Tug of War, Volley Ball match, Basket Ball match which makes the day full of thrill and energy. The young Aadharshilians make significant contribution to the very idea of FIT India by performing Yogasanas and also by showcasing their hands in Martial Art-judo.

Fit India week

A funfilled and high nutrition oriented Fit India week in the school premises is observed with full enthusiasm and excitement and having the extensive participation of students  along with parents and teachers.

  • Sports Meet for Parents and teachers

Sports Meet is organised for parents and teachers having myriad of activities beginning with Yogasanas and Pranayams followed by …Aerobics Sessions, Basket Ball Match. Overall the parents and teachers carry cherishable moments back home.

  • Marathon Runs

Following the latest trend of Fit India Movement alive, the long forgotten games like Tossing the stones, stappu and kicking the rattan ball are the exiting features of the week. The children experience a glimpse of the olden games played in India.

  • Capacity Building Programmes on  Health, Nutrition and Physical Education

For promoting  Hum Fit To India Fit, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organises highly interactive  Capacity Building Programmes  on Health, Nutrition and Physical Education. The team of resource persons make the young children  aware and alert about eating balanced and nutrional diet to keep hale and healthy.

  • Workshops on’ Being Healthy’ for Parents

Pursuing the Fit India Movement –A workshop for Parents on Being Healthy is organised in the school premises highlighting the importance of ‘Sattavic Diet ‘in maintaining good health.


The students participation is commendable which is best showcased by their awards at CBSE, National, Zonal, District, State levels. The School students participate and achieve  innumerable awards in the  tournaments namely:

  • National Roller Skating Championship

Aadharshilian holds I Position in 65th National school Skating Championship.

  • Pratham Delhi Prant Krida-Bharati YogasanaInterschool competition

It is a matter of pride  for Aadharshila Vidyapeeth to organise ‘Pratham Delhi Prant Krida Bharati Yogasana competition. Such extraordinarily successful events always go down Aadharshilian history in aeons. Our shining sports stars are always on their move to achieve victory in sports. Their achievements are commendable.

  • Zonal Sports Events

Aadharshilians participate enthusiastically in Zonal Sports Competitions and win accolades in various spheres. Our  young sport stars with full spirit have made us proud by winning prominent positions.

  •  Zonal Volleyball Tournament

Aadharshilians consistently participate in the Zonal Volley Ball tournament every year and  bring laurels to the school by winning creditable positions.

  • I Position in Senior Boys Category
  • II Position in Sub Junior Girls Category.
  • III Position in  Junior Girls Category.
  •  Zonal Judo Competitions

Aadharshilians are active participants in Zonal Judo Competition every year. They display their best potential to achieve laudable positions.

 I,II and III positions in different categories.

  • Zonal Table Tennis Competition

The young Aadharshilians make consistent efforts to compete in Table Tennis competitions played at zonal level and continue to raise the Aadharshilian cap high. The most skilful tabletennis players display their best potential by winning the prominent positions  every year.

II and III Positions in subjunior and junior category

  • Zonal Swimming Competition

The energetic and bold swimmers with their extraordinarily brilliant efforts win umpteen awards to the school

III Postion at zonal level competition

  • Zonal Skating Competition

The exceptionally swift and skilful skaters by their efficient moves achieve deserving positions.

I, II and III Positions at zonal level

The  Zonal level winners also qualify for the District level and are always ready to achieve the heights of success.


  • Aadharshila Interschool Yogasana Tournament

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth is no way behind taking its young ones to the height of the Mantra ‘Fitness First’. Taking the same spirit ahead ….The school takes the initiative to organise Aadharshila Inter school Yogasana tournament where the Aadharshilians win accolades for the school.

  • Aadharshila Interschool Volley Ball Tournament

Every year, The school hosts Interschool Volley Ball Tournament in which the innumerable schools participate with full sporting spirits and prove their budding potential to achieve cherishable awards.

  • Aadharshila Interschool Judo Competition

In order to percolate the feeling of competitiveness and sportsmanship amongst the young and the future players, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth hosts Inter school Judo competition and give excellent opportunity to various schools to learn the skill of self defence and prove themselves as best athletes. It is a best platform where the participating schools learn to overcome their fears and develop defensive attitude amongst themselves.

  • Aadharshila Interschool Kho –Kho Tournament

Aadharshila regularly provides a platform to numerous schools to participate in kho –kho Tournament. The defensive tactics applied by kho- kho players help the competitive teams to develop the  spirit of teamwork and selfconfidence.


 The young Aadharshilians ,with the great courage,  zeal and the sporting spirit enthusiastically compete  in various CBSE Tournaments and bring laurels to the school.

  • I , II and III positions in CBSE Judo Competition (Girls )
  • I , II and III positions in CBSE Judo Competition (Boys )
  • II Position in CBSE Central Zone Skating Championship and qualified for the CBSE Nationals.

Aadharshilians also participate actively in various sport events organised by CBSE :

  • CBSE Taekwondo Championship
  • CBSE Swimming Tournament
  • CBSE Volley Ball Tournament (Boys and Girls)
  • CBSE Table Tennis Tournament (Boys)           


The energetic and everspirited sportspersons of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth participate in State level events namely

  • Delhi State Kho-Kho Championship.