“A Teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to lighten the path of others”

The Teacher’s Day celebrated would have been incomplete without a motivational workshop for the Mentors, teachers themselves A BharamKumaries workshop was organized in the school for uplifting the teachers morally on Wednesday, 4th September 2019. The spokes person talked about the 5 different factories- the ice factory of the mind, love factory of the heart, satisfaction factory of the heart, sugar factory of the lips and smile factory of the lips. Her soft, demure self-inspired all the Aadharshilan Fraternity. She also compared Life to a pencil, write down all the golden memories to remember them throughout Life. Erase whatever wrongs have been done unto you or by you change the philosophy of life. After all, you can view Life as the half empty glass of water or a glass half-filled with water.

Her motivational words surely will be remembered by one and all present in the school auditorium