Let’s Twist

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”
Dance competition in school is not just about the trophies – it is a highly rewarding and worthwhile activity for students of all ages. Irrespective of whether the student aims to be an artist in future or not – a mere dance competition can help to develop various fundamental skills in a child that will be useful in the long term. Aiming with this thought, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth conducted the Let’s Twist (Dance Competition) on “BOLLYWOOD SONGS” for the students of Pre-School and Pre-Primary on 18.11.2021. It was a great way to build an emotional resilience in young Aadharshilians. It increased self-confidence and self-esteem in them. The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performance. It was highly appreciable for the effort taken by our young students.