“A fight to the virtual world is the best way to discover new horizons.”

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has always taken a flyer to venture the virtual world amidst Pandemic Covid-19 when travel is impeded. A virtual tour to London was organized by the school for the students of classes I-III on 21 December 2021.The students had a thrilling experience while enjoying the virtual flight to London.

Kids were clued up on the spectacular places of London. The sight -seeing was amazeballs and the tiny tots gathered intelligence through probing questions. The picturesque places of London like The Big Ben, Western Eude Station, Victoria Palace, Ministry of Finance and many more were the cynosure of everyone’s eye. The students ventured the world full of joviality and mirth. The expedition was a spellbinding and edifying session that diarized indelible moments in the memory lane of the tiny tots.