Candle Decoration Activity at Aadarshila Vidyapeeth

The month of October heralds many festivities. To celebrate the festival spirit Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organised the Candle Decoration Activity for classes PS-I on Thursday,10th October 2019 in Block I. Children had already brought the candles and other decorative material from home. With cheerful faces, they sat at their workstations to start this fun activity. They enjoyed using decorative materials like ribbon, stars, and decorated their candles beautifully. Their teachers then decorated their classrooms with those decorated, colorful candles.

It was a surprise to see how their nimble fingers can work so dexterity and the appealing candles were a standing testimony to their feet.

Some of the children decorated more than one candle.So, their teachers gave them the extra ones that they had made for use during Diwali.