“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen.Nature is God’s most beautiful creation. It felicitates the growth, development and nourishment of all its creatures. To enable the students to enhance their intellectual, social, personal and emotional growth, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth took the initiative of an “ONLINE PLANTATION DRIVE” on October 11,2021 for classes III-V students. The campaign’s main aim was to direct student’s mind in constructive activities with the positive outcome through the facilitation of contributing to the society.The students planted various saplings including Ashoka, Neem, Belpatra, Saptparni, Kadamb and Kachnaar. The students participated in the drive enthusiastically. The students along with the teachers also took an oath to look after the planted saplings, plant more and more trees and encourage others to do the same. Such little steps taken together by the school and students will surely help in fostering strong mental and social health amongst today’s children so that they connect with their peers, their elders, their community and their environment.