“One learns from books and example, only those certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.” Education is not only learning of facts but training of minds to think. When we are having a good time, learning becomes easy and not a strenuous task. To make learning a joyous experience, Social Science Competitions were conducted at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth on 27.09.2021 and 29.09.2021 for classes VI to X. The aim was to not only create awareness amongst the students about their environment, but also to sensitise them to the grave problems of environmental pollution and its consequences. ENVIRONTHON- A Live ‘Mono Acting’ competition for classes VI to VIII on the theme ‘My Concern for the Environment’ and Poster Making Competition on the theme, ‘Jeeyen Toh Jeeyen Kaise’ were organised for classes IX to X respectively. All students performed with beautiful expressions, thoughts, props and with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in Mono Acting whereas Poster Making competition not only served its sole purpose but also gave us a platform to display vivid ideas. It was a splendid opportunity for our young Aadharshilians to gain confidence and have a very enriching experience through these competitions.