Special Assembly on Paushtik Ahaar

‘Jaisa Ann, Waisa Tan’ translated in English simply means the food we eat, determines our Emotional Quotient. The choice of food depends on whether we want to stay healthy or not. This growing consciousness was better understood when Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organized a ‘Special Assembly’ on ‘Paushtik Ahaar’ for classes VI-XII on 21 October, Monday to highlight the importance of preferring healthy foods over junk food.

A poem was presented and a speech delivered by two students. The poem was on not to curtail your childhood by eating junk foods while the speech was on eating healthy and organic fruits & food. The teacher speaker highlighted the importance of eating the right food in correct moderation for living a healthy life.

Overall it was a highly inspirational assembly that ended the right way. All the children were smiling as they understood this concern very well.