Sports Activities

Sports develop the physical as well as mental strength in students.

In AadharshilaVidyapeeth, sports is a major part of the school curriculum and focuses on emotional and physical health. The school organised several sports activities to keep the students engaged and to inculcate confidence, mental alertness and self esteem. The school has introduced regular classes of Yoga and exercises where students learn various Aasanas, Pranayam and do meditation to increase their concentration level. In the exercises class, various activities like Jumping and Running are done to develop the motor skills of the students. Positive mentoring allows students to develop a positive mind set. The mentors have helped the students with fundamental Judo  and self defence techniques.

Virtual Sports Day was organized in the month of December for classes Pre School to Class V. The teachers and the students were all active in the event, which made the students have an experience of witnessing and participating in live Sports Day. Various activities like Collect Balls with knees, Plate Tapping, Book Balance, Jump on Two feet, Frog Jump and Push up walk were arranged which were enjoyed by the students.