Teachers are truly called beacons of light. We learn a lot from these reservoirs of knowledge. We honoured our teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day on Wednesday, 4 September 2019 in the sprawling school lawns. Teachers Day was celebrated with euphoria and enthusiasm. The programme kickstarted with an energetic synchronized dance performance. It was followed by a round of games. The musical melodies set every heart aflutter. Titles were endowed by the children of class XII on their favourite teachers. Class IX had presented a skit on this occasion. It was a musical one. The event was interspersed with rounds of games for all the Teachers including Admin Staff. Again, the audience went into the ecstatic mode as the Bhangra dance started. The Principal shared his pearls of wisdom with the students. He emphasized on the importance of regarding teachers as Gods and compared the students as innocent souls. The game session started again and the programme concluded on a happy note.