Many are in awe of it, at the Math’s exhibition, a few dread it but the golden dust of Math’s spares none.Infact all round us in real life situations of Mathematical operations, fractions, numbers are all around us.

Hence, in order to display the enigmatic dimensions of Math’s, the Maths exhibition was organized in the bio lab of the III block of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth, after its inauguration for classes II to X on Friday, 30 August  2019. Probation and probability of zodiac sign was a display where a model was conceived by a young aryabhatta. The child then predicted the nature and new working models were also on display based on different mathematical concepts.The staff and students visited the venue of the exhibition and it would be open even to the parents and visitors who would visit the exhibition on 31stAugust,the PTM day. Such a wonderful opportunity of harnessing the creative and logical skills of Maths should be given to students from time to time.They got a hands on experience of handling the interesting facts of the subject.