“Now is the time, especially in the light of movement restrictions, to reap the benefit of virtual platform for globe-trotting.”

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has always blazed a trail to prepare the way for innovative ways to venture the world virtually amidst Pandemic Covid-19 when a lid is put on the schools and travel is impeded. A virtual tour to London was organized by the school on 17.12.2021 for the students of classes VII- VIII.  The students fastened their seat belts to enjoy a virtual flight to London.

The inquisitive Aadharshilians enlivened the virtual expedition with lined-up questions and experienced telepresence into a world full of enthralling sights. The students had a mirthful time while learning about the intriguing mysteries of the iconic places of London. The virtual tour was a breath of fresh air for everyone and diarized an unforgettable moment in the memory of Aadharshilians.