Workshop on Capacity Building at Aadarshila Vidyapeeth

The School has always vouched for the right causes. And if it is related to students, then perforce we need to implement it. The capacity building programme was presided over by the principal and vice-principal. The sportsperson reiterated the need for giving our best for any test -the workshop was meant for classes IX to XII and it was held in the Assembly Ground from 11 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and for classes VI to VIII and for classes IX to XII from 12 p.m. onwards till one. The spokesperson emphasized on the need for proper weight management and eating light. He stressed on the need for not taking stress while eating food nor worrying overstudies. He suggested that children should enjoy each and every second of their life. He also told students that each one of them is beautiful and that they should just be in competition with themself, and no one else.