Let’s Twist

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.”Dance competition in school is not just about the trophies – it is a highly rewarding and worthwhile activity for students of all ages. Irrespective of whether the student aims to be an artist in future or not – a mere dance competition can … Read more

Paper Bag Making Competition

“Don’t throw away, recycle for another day!” Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organised ‘Best Out of Waste’ competition on 27.11.2021 for class V. The purpose of this competition was to stimulate imaginative play among the students while, at the same time, teach them the value of recycling waste material into something useful and beautiful. The enthusiasm shown by … Read more


“A fight to the virtual world is the best way to discover new horizons.” Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has always taken a flyer to venture the virtual world amidst Pandemic Covid-19 when travel is impeded. A virtual tour to London was organized by the school for the students of classes I-III on 21 December 2021.The students had … Read more


“The world is a book and venturing new places globally stamp each page with new experiences.” Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has always taken a lead to spearhead towards innovative ways to explore the virtual world amidst Pandemic Covid-19 when travel is occluded. A virtual tour to London was organized by the school for the students of classes … Read more


“Now is the time, especially in the light of movement restrictions, to reap the benefit of virtual platform for globe-trotting.” Aadharshila Vidyapeeth has always blazed a trail to prepare the way for innovative ways to venture the world virtually amidst Pandemic Covid-19 when a lid is put on the schools and travel is impeded. A … Read more


Each child’s creation is unique and creating art opens a window into a child’s imagination as well as building confidence and self-esteem. Children learn to utilize their creativity and express it in a constructive way. To build children’s cognitive, physical, and social development and to sharpen the visualization and memorization of complex designs in mind, … Read more


‘Puppets can say things that humans can’t.’ Puppetry is an ancient art first recorded in Greece. It encourages story telling through craftsmanship. The students of Class Pre-Primary of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth were engaged in a very creative ‘Finger Puppet Making Activity’. The activity aimed at designing small puppets to tell a story. Instructions were given to … Read more

Zonal Table Tennis Tournament

Aadharshila Vidyapeeth pulls out all stops to instill the value of sportsmanship in the young Aadharshilians by offering them multifarious opportunities to excel in the arena of sports. The dynamic sportsmen of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth participated with whole hearted spiritedness and vivacity in Zonal Table Tennis Tournament, Zone-XI North West (B) on 8 November 2021 Under-17 … Read more


Diwali- ‘The festival of Lights’ is celebrated across India. The name ‘Deepawali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’. To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth organised a ‘Diwali Card Making Competition’, on November 3, 2021 for classes Pre-school and Pre- PrimaryIn this competition, the teachers explained the importance of Diwali, a … Read more


“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.” – Dr. Abdul KalamEnvironmental ethics believe in the ethical relationship between human beings and the natural environment. A poster making competition on the topic, “SWACHH BHARAT” was conducted for class I, on October 7,2021. The aim … Read more

Vegetable Printing Activity

Children acquire a variety of knowledge through painting activities. This is one of the interesting ways to make amazing paintings. Pre-School and Pre-Primary students of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth had an opportunity on October 13,2021 for using different vegetables’ inner surface to give their impressions and fill the drawings. The young and dynamic Aadharshilians expressed their ideas … Read more


Environment is no one’s property to destroy,It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.Students at Aadharshila Vidyapeeth are constantly learning how they can make a difference to the society and world. With a view to inculcate the social understanding of ‘Preserving Environment’, various competitions were held for the students of classes VI-VIII on October 18, 2021 and October … Read more


The ad-filmmakers are formulating fresh ways of enticing the consumers to buy their products. The best way to persuade the consumer to buy the product of a particular brand, out of the numerous choices available in the market, is attractive advertisement. An ‘AD-MAD Show’ competition was organised for classes IX -XII to initiate a thinking … Read more


A festival is an occasion of enjoyment and celebration which promotes social interaction and harmony.India is a diverse country in the universe. India is more famous for festivals and traditions which we all follow. Festivals are a season wherein not only parents, grandparents, but also children love celebrating them with enthusiasm. Children will remember an … Read more

Zonal Roller Skating

Zone XI, North West – ( B )Aadharshila Vidyapeeth always lifts the spirits of students to widen their horizon in skaters of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth participated with great delectation & avidity in the North West – ( B ) on 3 November 2021 hosted by M.M.P.S, Pitampura. Ten students of Aadharshila Vidyapeeth unveiled their expertise in … Read more


Aadharshila Vidyapeeth had organized Poster Making Activity for the students of the Class V on 28.08.2021. The objective of the competition was to ignite the fire of imagination and creativity in the students. The theme of the competition was ‘Say No to Plastics’. Students were asked to express their ideas through paintings and sketches. The … Read more


“Children are great imitators, give them something great to imitate.” Aadharshila Vidyapeeth conducted Role Play activity for classes III to V on 02.09.2021 where the participants got an opportunity to gain experience, showcase speaking and presentation skills and uncover personal aptitude. The theme was ‘My Favourite Teacher’. The objective of this competition was not only … Read more

Let’s Talk About My Family

Everyone has someone important in their life. Everyone needs someone he can always count on. A family is a group of people who stay together under same roof and who are bound by blood or relation. Students of classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary had the opportunity to display their talents and discover a new side of … Read more


“One learns from books and example, only those certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.” Education is not only learning of facts but training of minds to think. When we are having a good time, learning becomes easy and not a strenuous task. To make learning a joyous experience, … Read more


“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen.Nature is God’s most beautiful creation. It felicitates the growth, development and nourishment of all its creatures. To enable the students to enhance their intellectual, social, personal and emotional growth, Aadharshila Vidyapeeth took the initiative of an “ONLINE … Read more